Earthmoving Equipment and Planning for North-South Slopes

The primary earthwork tasks that are expected to be performed are earthmoving, ploughing, grading to the desired slopes. Given that these projects will mostly occur in relatively non-undulating terrain, it is expected that there will be little need for moving earth across grid sections. Thus the primary equipment needs will be for ploughing the soil for mixture of nutrients and grading.

  • Soil Grading:
    Thus, the primary equipment for shaping the terrain into slopes is expected to be motor-graders after the soil has been sufficiently ploughed and infused with nutrients. Typical motor grader widths range from •
  • Ploughing the soil:
    The task of deep-ploughing (up to 2 m depth) could be done with rippers attached to dozers, while shallow plowing (up to 0.3 m depth) and mixing could be done with the scarifier implement attached to the motor-grader. Given that it is expected to require ploughing to greater depths, custom-built ploughs and implements that attach on to the grader or a dozer could be considered. •
  • Soil Stabilization:
    It may be required to perform methods to stabilize the soil to maintain the slopes. This will be done by mechanical means, rather than chemical due to the need to grow crops on the slopes.